Competitive Differences

1. Performance Driven Organization

  • At ARO we take the time to understand our clients business and identify the key performance metrics and expectations that need to be achieved in order to build a successful partnership.
  • Our goal is to deliver superior results that exceed our clients expectations by continuously seeking new ways to improve our processes and drive our results to a higher level
  • Throughout our organization our people are rewarded for success and delivering superior performance and #1 results based on client scorecards
  • National Operations/Analytical team supports our recovery teams with an audit, analytics, measurement and monitoring process to ensure client benchmarks and key performance indicators are achieved

2. Customer Experience

  • ARO acts as an extension of our client’s organization, maintaining their integrity in the marketplace with service excellence
  • Our organization manages to zero defect compliance with mandatory initial training, ongoing and continual development supported by a detailed quality assurance review process
  • 100% inbound /outbound digital recording capabilities that are embedded in our “Interactive Intelligence “ technology
  • ARO is licensed and bonded in all territories and Provinces in Canada and maintains excellent relationships with Provincial Regulatory bodies
  • Understanding the importance of the security of personal consumer information, our organization is PCI (Payment Card Industry) Certified and has Enhanced ‘Level B” Security Clearance with the Government of Canada

3. Knowledgeable, Experienced and Dedicated Staff

  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff develop, implement and monitor new programs quickly and in accordance with client requirements
  • At ARO we build dedicated operations teams that have account resolution knowledge, are industry experienced and understand the requirements and expectations of our clients
  • Our policy is to recruit, hire, train and retain the best personnel available in the marketplace in order to reduce attrition and maintain consistent superior performance
  • These teams are supported by initial as well as client specific training and are provided with tools, information and portfolio analysis in order to contact the right party with the right message at the right time
  • Members of several industry associations and client focus groups allow ARO to understand and stay on top of industry trends

4. Full Service Provider

  • We provide our clients with comprehensive accounts receivable and customer contact solutions in all stages of the customer life cycle
  • Customized solutions can be developed to handle:
    • Customer Care and Cure programs
    • Retention and 1st Party programs
    • Pre and post charge off
    • 3rd Party Collection Management programs
    • Skip Trace and Asset search programs (full scale electronic and manual)
    • Specialized Legal programs
    • Payment Processing services
    • Dormant debt recovery
    • Debt Purchasing and Debt Servicing programs
    • Estate Recovery programs
    • Offsite Employee Outsourcing
    • Customized Dialer programs (e.g. first reminder, customer verification, customer incentives)
  • National Call Center Solutions
    • Customer Service
    • Help Desk
    • After Hours Call Management
    • Service Desks
    • Surveys
  • Each type of program is managed by Senior Management that have specific experience in the programs that we offer

5. Global Network providing Capacity, Scalability, Sustainability

  • Capacity – Added capacity through our branch network of seven (7) offices covering all Canadian regions and all time zones
  • Licensed to operate across the United States
  • Ability to handle client programs, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Largest percentage of bilingual and multilingual agents in the industry
  • Scalability – We have the necessary resources in terms of space, built out work stations, IT support and staffing to order to ramp up production to meet increased volumes from existing or new portfolios in a timely and efficient manner
  • Sustainability – We have the necessary internal resources and processes in place augmented by ongoing investments in new technology in order that ARO can deliver superior performance and service excellence in a consistent and cost effective manner

6. Investment in New Technologies

  • Financial strength and stability to invest in new technologies to meet changing client/regulatory compliance requirements, security and business continuity requirements
  • Our unique platform systems allow ARO to optimize efficiencies and maximize quality of work-plan strategies to meet competitive pricing pressures

7. Relationship

  • Our organization is pro active, responsive and results oriented
  • We strive to develop partnerships with our clients by understanding their needs and delivering solutions that deliver mutually beneficial and profitable results
  • We value the time and effort that is required to build a relationship and try to make it easy for our clients to do business with ARO